“Reel BBQ” stops in and FlatsMafia discuss how the RedFish are everywhere!


This last week we had another great show with "Reel BBQ"  stopping in and bringing us some food.  (It was chainless).  We also go over how the redfish in Tampa are chewing everywhere.  James and Glenn fished 2 different areas and wore the reds out.  Fish are eating cut bait, caught with the best fisherman on the boat"Rod-Knee" or AKA (The Rod Holder).  Cut up some pins or threadfins or greenies chum the water... bait up, stick it in Rod-Knee and sit back and wait for the rod to bend.  It can at times be very boring but once it goes off its worth it.  There are also some snook and trout around if thats your target.  Snook are near structure, look for the rocks near bridges and trout are still in the grass flats in Georgetown and Rocky Point.  Next week we will be LIVE at Seminole Heights General Store on Hillsborough and Florida.  Stop by and see us.. we might just have some giveaways!  Tightlines and 2Fangers.