“March Madness” Snook Etiquette


This week we officially welcome Paige Coffey AKA "P-Unit" to our permanent FlatsMafia Radio crew. We go over some Snook Etiquette, giving our opinions on how many to keep during the season.  We also go over our thoughts on the current Snook population.  Paige tells you guys some tips on how to get females on your boat.  Capt. Glenn was on vacation this week, but we still rip him to shreds.  Another great Safety tips of the week from 'PapaTico' which is brought to you by Seminole Heights General Store. FlatsMafia is not on radio just to talk fishing, we are simply here to entertain you.  Hopefully we hit the mark. Don't forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more FREE give aways.


Thanks for listening and as always

Tightlines and 2Fangers.