Happy Mothers Day from the FlatsMafia Crew


Happy Mothers Day!

This week on FlatsMafia Radio, we go over the roasting James took at the boat ramp and some tricks for Cobia.  The Cobia are literally all over the flats right now.  Look in all of the manatee spots and you will find them.  Typical rig for these fish are 40-60lb leader and a 3-5 circle hook, we recomend using a large pinfish with a cork.  Have the bait ready to fly while your searching for cobia.  Other tips are: enough space to store the fish after you catch it, have enough ice to keep the fish cold, and make sure you have a gaff on board.  Tarpon are also starting to show up, have the same rig for tarpon as well.  Best bait to use for poons are crabs and thread fins.  Happy hunting and keep it classy.